Timber frame extension

This timber-framed extension with living-roof vastly improved the thermal and light characteristics of the ground floor, replacing the original brick kitchen block.  Natural hemp and wood-fibre board insulation created a warm, cosy and stable year-round comfortable environment.

I used 3D computer modelling to simulate the path of sun through each season ensured maximum light penetration into the rear of the house. It was a wonderful moment when I removed the temporary boarding to let the sunlight in for the first time and the rays penetrated all the way into the back room, exaclty as per simulation!

High-spec sliding-folding doors make the deck and garden part of the living space in warmer months and the extra-large roof overhang keeps the doors sheltered from rain and excess sun.

A sedum-topped living-roof system protects the EPDM membrane, negating the need for costly repairs for decades to come, whilst simultaneously helping protect the environment by providing a natural habitat for flora and fauna and also preventing storm run-off.  Nutrient-rich rain water from the roof is collected in a storage tank for use in the vegetable garden, with excess sent to drains.

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